Friday, July 17, 2009

Adyashanti’s 01Jul09 Radio: Life Expresses Itself

1. Responding from ‘No Problem’
Seeing there is ‘no problem’ in any situation comes from Conscious Spirit and not the mind. This is not to say that one stays in any situation. Accordingly, a freedom to respond will arrive from such a seeing. And the response comes through the Spirit and not the mind. Thought will never lead to a response, but can be utilized in execution of the response.

2. Filling the Gap with Consciousness
The wheel of samsara is one of belief and emotion and experience, in which an emotion confirms a belief because it is caused by that belief, and experience confirms the belief because it is filtered by the mind in order to confirm that belief. And so on, and so on. The practice of self-inquiry is not one of thought, although it may begin there, but it is a practice to create a gap in thought, in order to allow Conscious Spirit to fill that gap.

3. Current of Peace
There is always a current of peace running through all conflict, and that is Conscious Spirit. [Sat-Chit-Ananda.]

4. True Perspective
The only way to be more aware. Not for me (ego) to try to be more aware. But to be your true self, awareness itself. Don’t turn it into the future. Come into the true and right perspective of things.

5. Motivation
If I let go completely, what’s going to move me. Egoic structure begins to lose itself. Motivation disappears. Plateau phase. No new motivation at this point. Then what comes an energy that begins to arise out of existence, life, the one. An impersonal energy move through you. Connected with the totality of life, and not connected to the individual. (Be a wise steward of your life at this phase.)

6. Not Knowing is the Ground for Action
You can unplug from an old belief system (spontaneously), but doesn’t necessarily mean you will plug into the One, what is relevant to Spirit. Not knowing is not a final thing. Not knowing becomes the ground from which you move. Don’t get attached to it. (The mind is meanwhile a soundtrack.) From silence comes a flow, an action. (Most people so disconnected to life, listen to the mind itself.) Silence, stillness, in action. (The truth, the action, is always there; no need to go seeking it.)

7. The Moment of Truth
Truth is only relevant for the moment. It can be only found in the moment. No ultimate truth that you can hold on forever. Always renewing itself. Always there but always renewing itself. As soon as you grab it, it dies.

8. Experience Being Now
(Don’t apply for a job you don’t enjoy.) Experience the state of Being while in the situation you’re in, even though your mind wants something else. Stop and feel it. Really feel it. Fifteen minutes. Longer. Go nuts and feel it all along. Rich experience of Being. It opens up your perception. That peace that you would think you would get when you achieve a goal is right here right now. Some won’t allow themselves to feel the satisfaction of Being thinking it will stop them from achieving some goal and experiencing it then. If not allowing themselves to experience the richness now, won’t experience it when they reach their goal either. (Relieved from the burden of wanting. The happiness we experience when we get something we wanted is that short period of time when we don’t want anything. But that never lasts.) Action not towards abundance, but action coming out of inner abundance! That inner state of well-being. Most often it’s the pursuit of happiness rather than actions as an expression of inner happiness and peace. Answers come from Being, an expression of Being.

9. The Expression of Life
Life’s inherent tendency is to express itself. Could be coming from the egoic me expressing itself. Or come from life expressing itself. Life is for the living of it. What is it life wants to do? Don’t answer the question. Live with the question. Really listen. Invite life to show it to you. Be patient. It will show you on its own time frame. Don’t think about it. How does life want you to engage. It could be anything. As simple or as big as it wants to be. The paradox. You are life and your the life it wishes to express itself. But already, life is expressing itself through you. (unconscious (egoic); now be conscious.) Often comes not from the inside (sometimes it does), but from the outside, a call. Paying attention to how life is calling you all the time. From the outside. Pay attention to how life is inviting you.

10. Unity, Love, Fullness
How to express unity rather than division, express love rather than seek it, express fullness rather than seek it.

(Note: I heard a woman mention this radio program at last Saturday's satsang. She spoke of Adya's speaking to inviting life to show you what it wants you to do. This is especially relevant in my current situation (as it is in any situation for that matter). So I downloaded it today. These are the notes I took as I was listening.)

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