Wednesday, July 15, 2009

APF-7: On Curiosity

One thing I wished to remember specifically was his comments on curiosity. When confronted with trying to figure out finally how does one balance awakening with living in the dualistic world, he said rather than bring an adult heaviness and seriousness to the query, why not bring a wide-eyed curiosity. How does this work? Isn’t it interesting? Have some fun with it!

This resonates with me in one way because all my life I have tried to figure out the world. Whether it was studying literature or history, or working out the politics of work, I tried to figure the world out. In therapy, it had been discovered that I was someone whose mother was afraid of the world, and whose father never taught the working of that world. So in many ways, I had been attempting to work past the fear to that knowledge. In so doing, awakening had emerged. So why not continue now in the knowledge that fear was just another false belief. Be curious! Enjoy.

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