Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Osprey of Ramana Maharshi

I've been reading Ramana Maharshi's 'Forty Verses on Reality' as translated by S.S. Cohen, and came upon the 28th verse tonight, that when seen in the light of the osprey poem "I" wrote and posted earlier today, appears very much a coincidental pairing. But such coincidences have not been infrequent as of late.

The verse in question:
Like the diver who dives to recover what has fallen into deep water, controlling speech and breath and with a keen mind, one must dive into himself and find whence the 'I' emerges.

And the poem once again:
an osprey circles
high above
a mirrored slack
tide river, then
descending slowly
to a certain
seeing point,
it dives into
the undercurrent
of itself.

Of course the diver is the osprey. The deep water (ego) is 'a mirrored slack tide river.' Descending slowly is its controlling speech and breath (flight) with a keen mind (wings). And of course the 'undercurrent of itself' is whence the 'I' emerges. Such is Ramana's practice of Self-enquiry. And such is the osprey's 'certain seeing point.'

I'm not one who likes to break apart a poem in this fashion, and especially one of my own (non-)doing, but I couldn't resist this. It's nothing surprising of course. I am very familiar with these concepts, and knew what was being written. Nevertheless, in this case, the close comparisons are both interesting and edifying.

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