Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tao Te Tweeter (Tao Lite)

I wish to be sensitive to the flow.

In answering a question concerning the source of true motivation, Adyashanti suggested that the Tao is all about such flow.

And so I’m reading the Tao translated with commentaries by Ellen M. Chen. And other translations as well, including Mitchell and Hansen, as well as others.

But more than that, in order to be a good listener, I am creating a Tao for Twitter. Basically, I have 132-3 characters including spaces to work with, after hashtags (#T-L) and number.

In the spirit of the Gita, this is the action that is arising. I am not thinking about its completion. One at a time.

Here’s 1 through 6:

#T-L 1 No words for Tao; words are for things. To know Tao, no desire; desires are for things. Both sourced in darkness, doorway to no-thing

#T-L 2 Knowing good creates bad. But natural opposites rely on each other. So the sage does without doing. Things come & go w/o one’s acting

#T-L 3 Don’t praise people & things; public will confuse. Lead by clearing thought & will, fulfilling needs. Act by not-doing; all in peace.

#T-L 4 Tao is bottomless emptiness, seeming source of all things. Harmonizing, it perhaps exists. Its birth is unknown, image older than God

#T-L 5 The cosmos isn’t humane nor is the sage: all beings are sacrificial. The cosmos will always make more. So abide in the silent center.

#T-L 6 The valley spirit never dies; call it the feminine mystery. Its gate is the root of the cosmos. Ethereal: but in use, inexhaustible.

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