Friday, October 30, 2009

To Be (a retweet post)

What is called the mind is within what is called the body, a pattern within a pattern. But what I am is neither. Simplified, I am Being.

This statement is paradoxical in many ways, but its essential paradox stems from the fact that is language, a tool of the mind.

It (language) is a tool of the mind fashioning a truth (I am Being) that is beyond the scope of its domain.

Therefore in order to realize the statement, the point, one has to leap away from the language, the pointer. One cannot think it through.

That leap will probably entail a practice, trajectory, to get 'me' there, be it meditation, koan, or a combination of both as self-enquiry.

This leap travels at light speed to a union that can't be thought. It is felt, not with the senses; it is felt in a manner of being. It be.

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