Tuesday, November 17, 2009


What is it to rest in one’s feeling or to know with the heart.

First, let’s say what it’s not. It’s not living in some romantic notion of the world. That’s the mind’s interpretation of the heart, and as usual, it’s completely wrong. Love in this manner is just more ego-driven desire.

The heart, or feeling, is what you really are. It’s Being itself. It’s the bliss of our existence. It is the reality of love itself.

(At this point, I’d like to repeat something I wrote last month as the continuation of this post.)
I once heard [Miguel] Ruiz say that emotions are a spectrum of the white light of love filtered through the perception of thought. ...

Not only is there truth in all of this, but there is practice in the relative world as well. Emotions are telling. They tell us what untrue thoughts we still believe in at some level. Therefore, emotions are something to be truly felt and recognized, embraced. They certainly are not to be avoided or repressed, but they are not to be wallowed within either.

Because behind the painful emotions, the emotional suffering, lies the lie. There is the thought we believe in which is totally untrue and is causing this suffering. Feel the painful emotion and trace it back to that thought.

This is not to say that the truth doesn't simply lie in resting in awareness. It does. It is. But there comes a time sometimes when the veil of thought hides this truth, and this is merely a way, a practice, to unveil awareness from the darkness of suffering, and really feel real again.

And that’s just the half of it.

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