Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One Truth; Part Four: I Think

At some point in the evolution of our story, the mind becomes evaluative, and then, incredibly, self-evaluative. The ability to think arises and evolves, and in that world of thought, we live, we believe, and we long for identity. An alien culture has formed.

The existential ‘I am’ becomes the belief ‘I am something’ (fill in the blank with a thought) or finer, ‘I used to be something’ or finest, ‘I should be something else.’ The sense-recorded present becomes a world of past and future as well.

This is the fall. The world ‘as is’ becomes a world of good and bad, a judgmental world, a dream world. Paradise is lost. The veil has been dropped. What we really are has been replaced with what we think we are. It’s not ‘I think, therefore I am’ as much as it is ‘I think, therefore I forget what I really am.’

But only in our minds. And that is the Good News.

to be continued

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