Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Dozen Words (Give or Take 235)

Words get in the way unless you realize words are not the way.

A rolling stone gathers no religion; never use an old word if a new word can do.

So many words for such simplicity; and here, remarkably, I offer more.

Every word should carry its definition (the condition of being distinct [clear] as well as determination of extent [limits]) in parentheses.

That last sentence should have taken hours to write (and then read), but who am I and who really has the time?

If a word is written but no one knows its meaning, is it ever really read?

For example, take these words: stop and feel your being as it is, right here and now.

That’s a dozen words that says it all in my point of view. In fact, there’s even redundancy built in, for the sake of clarity and extent.

But every word means something particular to me, and may not have that same meaning to someone else.

In fact, I may not even be completely aware of the meaning it has for me, unless I stop to feel its meaning.

Stop thoughts. And, not nihilistic. Feel with heart. Your, all. Being, pure existent blissful consciousness.

As, without reference. It, see being. Is, see being. Right, truthfully. Here, in this exact space. And, continuum. Now, in this exact moment.

That’s all he wrote.

Stop and feel your being as it is, right here and now.

It will become a magnificent feedback loop.

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