Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Osho on Shifting to the Heart

Remember, this shift has to happen: from thinking you have to go to feeling. Feeling is closer, closer to something in you that is called intuition. Thinking is the farthest point from intuition. You have been taught by others-that is tuition. Something that has not been taught to you and blooms in you, that is intuition. Nobody has taught you, no school, no university, no college; nobody has said anything about it to you, it explodes in you-that is intuition. You need not go anywhere, you only need to go inside yourself.

Feeling is closer to intuition. I don't expect the impossible, I don't say, "Just be intuitive"-that you cannot do. Just now if you can do one thing-move from thinking to feeling-it will be enough. Then from feeling to intuition is easy. But to move from thinking to intuition is difficult. They don't meet, they are polarities. Feeling is just in the middle. From feeling, thinking and intuition are at the same distance. If you go this way, you reach thinking; if you go that way, you reach intuition.

In feeling both meet and merge. Something of thinking remains in feeling, and something of intuition too.
~from Intuition; Knowing Beyond Logic

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