Friday, December 11, 2009

Some Words on the Futility of Words

All religions are absurd by nature.

What could be more preposterous than giving impermanence a permanent structure?

And leave it to the mind to create a bunch of beliefs about no-mind.

Every word that points to Truth, is ultimately a path away from Truth.

Whatever it takes, step out of the mind and head for the heart.

Even if you find yourself crying during episodes of 30 Rock! Do it!

We, in the Western world particularly, and men especially, have been usurped by the ghosts of logic and reason.

The truth is not logical, and it's certainly not reasonable. All the words you have to describe it are so much flotsam and jetsam.

Every word is a pillow.

Every sentence is a bed.

Every sutra is ultimately a noose.

All roads lead to Rome; all truth leads to love. Forget the fundamental byways and take the expressway to your heart.

The Soul Survivors – Expressway to Your Heart ♫

coda: you cannot find shelter from the mind in any structure created by the mind. love!

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