Monday, December 14, 2009

The Word

What’s so wrong about peace, love, understanding, and the dream-state?

Sometimes I really find myself getting lost in my role. And later, I find I’ve won an Oscar for Best Supporting Role in a Dream-state.

I’d like to thank my five senses, my social conditioning, my mind and its amazing technicolor thoughts, and most importantly, me.

I couldn’t have done it without you either. Come on! Get up and take a bow within the auditorium that is my mind. (applause!)

Never has no one done nothing for neither.

You say the light of pure awareness, I say tomato.

You say om mani padme hung, I say olly olly oxen free!

You say dominus vobiscum, I say the domino effect.

You say hello, I say hello.

hela heba helloa!

In other words, it's not the words.

Your traditional words are useless here. They’re just so much past trying to catch up with the present. Not gonna happen.

You’ve created a nice alternative dream-state, though. And the Oscar goes to.... om gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha!

On the other hand, the power of now is so then.

"You monks! If one of you can say a word, I will not slay the cat."

in a New York minute, in a moment, on the double that’s a single, au courant, contempo, à la mode, unseasoned, avant-garde, and green, green

neti, and neti, and neti, and neti, and neti, and neti, and neti, and neti, neti, neti



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