Wednesday, January 13, 2010

fire in the heart

at moments in this life-illusion, we've touched true reality in the heart, and that encounter by itself has shocked dry existence into tears

those moments are closer to the truth than all the dry philosophies (including some nondual too) I've since encountered....

....if it ain't got heart, it's just more mental masturbation

of course, on the other hand, there are corporations that exist just to feed a steady stream of manipulated images made to touch the heart

these corporations (or individuals) may be the ultimate drug dealers since they supply a dose of actual reality without an ounce of truth

without the truth, it's easy for the self to get addicted to the warmth of the heart, and not dissolve itself within its fires

many religions are drug-dealers too, pushing the warmth and forgetting the fire

too cold. too warm. just right: the fire of the blissful heart of being.

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