Wednesday, January 6, 2010

heart and control

'heart' is a term used to define that innate intelligence (consciousness) of the manifest body

to move through the heart rather than the mind means action following that innate intelligence through messages called intuition

the mind literally knows nothing; the heart knows all

the mind is a closed system loop; the heart is the open connection to consciousness

maybe intuition is the heart leaking into a crack in the mind

hence, the fool knows

the mind tries to control the heart in the way western civilization tries to control nature; the results are pretty ugly

surrender is the simply the mind ceding control to the heart (innate intelligence of consciousness)

of course no one surrenders until they truly see they are not in control anyways; this is the work of jnana

it’s classic when the mind says there's nothing to surrender because it was never in control and then continues on its merry way controlling

awareness is realized through the heart; that's why Nisargadatta called it Affectionate Awareness

in the end, jnana joins with bhakti, and vice versa, then self-destructs

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