Saturday, March 13, 2010

follow that emotion

Every emotion that we feel is real..truth, *it is*. ..every emotion comes directly from our spirit; it is completely authentic. ~Miguel Ruiz

The emotion is true, but what causes the emotion, which is the not true; it's a story. ...just action-reaction. ~Miguel Ruiz

...if we don't like the emotional reaction, it's not about repressing what we feel; it's about...the lies that cause the ..reaction. ~M Ruiz

not sure if i would call the judgment (aka thought) lies; that's judgmental. but Ruiz, nevertheless, is on to something in these 3 quotes.

emotions, like intuition, come from the real. picture bliss filtered through the color of thought. rather than bliss, there is the emotion.

since we don't like the emotion, we tend to repress them. which just creates an ugly cycle. ruiz is saying don't repress emotions, reality.

rather let the emotion come, really feel it, and you will see its cause. that cause is the filter, a thought. just see it for what it is.

when thought is understood as conditioned, past, not true, then the emotions themselves will be unfiltered, and what is there is bliss, you.

let i be i, while understanding that there is no i: do not repress emotions, but understand their cause (thought) is not truth

there is nothing for you to do but feel and understand; any other action whether negative or positive will only add to confusion

both feeling and understanding are not actions arising from thought, but reality acting within this world. you are not doing either.


if you're not feeling love right now; then you're lost in thought, which is filtering that bliss into some neg-emotion or feeling of apathy

follow that emotion, see its filtering thought, understand what it is (nonexistent), and feel it turn to a smile of recognition, then bliss!


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