Saturday, March 20, 2010

the missing red-winged blackbirds

going out to search for the missing red-winged blackbirds; o yoohoo?

i hear them!

thar one sings!! and there's another! love that chirrup!

red-winged blackbirds are my private capistrano

saw and heard several just now; in a week or so they'll be a thousand or so in the reeds along the river

seven years ago, the return of the redwings coincided with the beginning of the iraq war; i remember the strange joy and loathing i felt

this year, this very day, their return coincides with the return of my son-in-law from his tour of duty in iraq

synchronicities abound in the song of a bird

only joy now


it's kind of interesting that all the modern 'spiritual teachers' i respect never had children

is awakening and parenthood compatible?

is enlightenment and the survival of the species ultimately incompatible?

can pure awareness change a dirty diaper?

what's more dangerous for the species? nondual traditions or global warming?

can no-mind nurse a baby?

is nirvana dangerous to children?

is awakening the rapture?

does intuition, love, and understanding shine the light through all these questions exposing them as full of thought? you betcha.

all parents are bodhisattvas at heart


another name for 'not doing' is heart: intuition, love, & understanding

the pointer of non-doing is of course an important one but maybe too unecessarily vague and almost negative

a lesson learned from krishnamurti besides his total unveiling of the inevitable violence of thought is that which arises when thought stops

thought is doing and when doing stops, love emerges: this is nondoing and it is something that we know already

even in the dream state non-doing is nothing new; it's that satchitananda, what we always are, doing in this world; what we call heart

not only are we already pure awareness, but we actually live it at times in this dream state: intuition, love, & understanding


we are already aware of what nondoing is. we feel it in the depths of love, in that moment of clear understanding, in that sudden insight

and we're aware these moments of nondoing are strangely enough the most real in our lives. but when seen clearly, it's not strange at all

when seen clearly what becomes strange is that we thought we were doing anything at all, that thought is purely conditioned

and that surrender is nothing but being, and that being is love, and that can be called nondoing because it does us, and always has

yes, it's emptiness; yes, it's nondoing; yes, there is no self except in the mind; but there's diapers to be changed damn it: call it love

and after the diapers have been changed, maybe then—nirvana

or maybe just the pure sound of a red-winged blackbird

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