Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the only practical reality is love

it all comes down to love or violence

as long as one remains in the world of thought with all its tearing divisions of choice, one is living with an inevitable violence

when one surrenders to what is, what always has been, choiceless awareness, one is living in that only reality of love

since thought is at its very basis binary, its ultimate end product, despite all other intentions, will be that of division

despite all the high ideals of psychology and technology, the 20th century was proof that their ultimate use will serve violence: (...)

(...) systematic torture and genocide

all humane philosophies of thought are, from the very beginning, from their very nature itself, doomed to ultimate failure

the only answer, the only practical reality, is love, which appears only when thought has stopped


but in this world, it appears that thinking is easy and love is hard

thinking is a perpetual motion machine and once started will go on forever; it's difficult for love to get in edgewise as it were

but once thinking is stopped, once the great thought of i is surrendered, all there is coming into this world from awareness itself is love

the only thing preventing love is fear, and fear is only love being filtered through some thought; enter the fear and see it for what it is

once that thought behind fear is seen through, once that thought is truly stopped, such fear will dissolve into its true reality: love

there is absolutely nothing you can do with love; love will do you

then you, being done by love, will use thought as only a tool in the material world; thought will no longer be using you


there's self-inquiry, the ultimate koan unanswerable in thought; then, there's heart-inquiry which is the ultimate question: what is love?

love is awareness aware of itself; it is the evolutionary pinnacle present in the form of a human being; it is not a cute disney romance

love is that feeling a mother has for her newborn child, an innate recognition that this other, this baby, is actually herself; not two

love is that feeling arising when thought has stopped, when awareness takes form and is aware that all form is, in reality, itself; not two


  1. very important and fine post!

  2. Thank you ever so much for all the beauty you are sharing here on the blog and on Twitter! (I've been following your posts for a long time...) It resonates and is deeply appreciated <3