Tuesday, March 30, 2010

psychokiller qu'est que ce

the dream state is the domain of the ego, but its laws are writ in the constitution of the super-ego

the mind is the jail; the ego is the prisoner; and the super-ego is the sheriff; but all of it is a stage production by the company of maya

if the ego can be convinced the constitution of the super-ego is a set of false beliefs, then it may see that it too is a false belief

it's kind of like a psychological jnana

teachings of osho can be seen through this psychological jnana filter as well; for him the super-ego was incarnated as priest & politician

as long as one follows the dictates of either priest or politician, one will always be at war against what is, in the ego vs superego tilt

ruiz' 4 agreements also follow this psycho-jnana; 4 ez practices that temporarily stand in for the super-ego as u learn to see thru it

possibly eightfold path can be seen in this light; but all practices should be temporary substitutions for super-ego until ego is seen thru

of course, often practices long outlive their purpose and become religions themselves, thereby fortifying the super-ego, and requiring...

... new practices to temporarily stand in for the old

psychokiller qu'est que ce

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  1. 2 points that sing out there are how tools are only a temporary crutch and not to be depended upon.

    The 2nd point similar, is that all has to be cast aside before truth. No god, no guru, no style.