Monday, April 26, 2010

Balsekar on Nisargadatta's 'I am'

Ramesh Balsekar on Nisargadatta's 'I am':

"In each individual the Absolute gets reflected as awareness, and thus pure Awareness becomes self-awareness, or consciousness. The objective universe is in continuous flux, constantly projecting and dissolving innumerable forms. Whenever a form is created and is infused with life (PrĂ£na), consciousness (ChetanĂ£) appears, simultaneously and automatically, by the reflection of the Absolute Awareness in matter.

Consciousness, it must be clearly understood, is a reflection of the Absolute against the surface of matter, bringing about a sense of duality. As different from it, pure Awareness, the Absolute state, is without beginning and end, without the need of any support other than itself. Awareness becomes consciousness only when it has an object to reflect against. Between pure Awareness and awareness reflected as consciousness, says Maharaj, there is a gap which the mind cannot cross. Reflection of the sun in a drop of dew is not the sun!

Manifested consciousness is time-bound inasmuch as it disappears as soon as the physical construct it inhabits comes to an end. Nevertheless, according to Maharaj, it is the only `capital' a sentient being is born with. And manifested consciousness being his only connection with the Absolute, it becomes the only instrument by which the sentient being can hope to get an illusory liberation from the 'individual' he believes himself to be. By being one with his consciousness and treating it as his Atman, his God, he can hope to attain what he thinks as the unattainable."


  1. Is the rest of this text available on-line or can you say the book it comes from please?

    I would like to read more of him.

  2. It's from "Pointers from Nisargadatta Maharaj".

    You might try here: (link at bottom of page)

    It's also available fron Amazon I do know.


  3. thanks! plenty of PDF's on that link.