Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the honk of pure love

yet another day in paradise 2.0

the honk of a goose is the honk of pure love. honk!

the big muddy merrimack and the little earthy powow joining at the seam of space-time reflection

love is the power and you are the little engine that doesn't do

witchi tai to!

sitting by the water as the river is fishing in me

o i'm caught in the current of what is!

honk if you honk honk!

walk time. feet don't fail me now.

dissolve for x

ah! the impermanence of spring. honk!

the only antidote for the inevitable poisoning of innocence rests in the heart; drink to That!

the moral of today's story: you can try to kill love

the moral of this sunday's story: love will resurrect and kill you. amen!

in hell, love is a dangerous man

love if you honk jesus!

a thinker or a lover

thinking is just another tool in necessities for survival: eat drink and think

in the process of self-inquiry, it can only get you so far: eliminating the things you aren't, & finally eliminating itself in the process

this leaves love as the satguru, and the only lineage you'll need ever follow

apres pensée, la vide de l'amour


1 comment:

  1. and so im many years to come men shall study the honk sutra and monks shall recite it honk for honk as they fetch logs.


    Seems you were right in the moment in the lead up to that post, which is just where we are supposed to be - unlike those who celebrate the death of a murdered carpenters son by eating chocolate or reciting dusty sutras to gain the ungainable.