Friday, April 30, 2010

Nisargadatta in a Nutshell

"apperceived intuitively, that an entity is purely a conceptual notion"

“apperceived intuitively"

to know in being; not to know in concept this entity is a concept

thus the effortless effort of self-inquiry into the non-conceptual 'i am' to "apperceive intuitively"

"what remains is merely a re-integration — Yoga — in universality" and "pure non-volitional 'being lived'"

so clear!

Nisargadatta in a Nutshell:
1. apperceive intuitively
2. re-integrate into universality
3. be 'lived' non-volitionally

The entity that you think you are is false. You are the reality. Once it is understood, or rather, apperceived intuitively, that an entity is purely a conceptual notion, what remains is merely a re-integration — Yoga — in universality. Nothing remains to be done because there is no one to do it, and, more important, no one to abstain from doing it either! What remains is pure non-volitional 'being lived' because relatively we are only puppets in a dream-world being manipulated in the original dream. It is for the individual dreamer to awaken from his personal dream. And this apperception is itself the awakening!

~Nisargadata from 'Pointers from Nisargadatta Maharaj' by Ramesh Balsekar


  1. There was an unheard member of the crowd who was not recored on the tape when René Descartes spoke.

    Descartes - "I think, therefor I am"

    Nisargadata - "Not!" (heheheh) "Stop thinking, and then you will be!"

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