Friday, May 7, 2010

Nisargadatta on prepping for meditation

Meditation, he said, is not something one can dabble in as an experiment or entertainment, just to see what happens. A certain preliminary preparation for it is necessary.

Consciousness is the basis for all manifestation of the phenomenal world. There is no greater power on earth than consciousness; if one fools around with it, it would be impossible to foresee the consequences that may follow.

And if the psyche is not prepared to face the consequences, there could be serious trouble at the body-mind level for the simple reason that there had been no earlier preparation in dis-identifying oneself from the body. What would happen if a bolt of high power electricity is shot into a receiver that is not strong enough to receive it?

...Remember: a remembrance of what I am is the knowledge of what you are. You might see the whole Universe as a dream, but so long as there is a 'you' seeing this dream as a separate entity, you will be in trouble.

Let us hope, gradually you will come to realize that you are also a dreamed figure in this living dream, an integral part of the dream, and not someone apart and separate from it. Then you will be all right too.

~Nisargadata from 'Pointers from Nisargadatta Maharaj' by Ramesh Balsekar

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