Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the phantasmagoria

What you call matter is consciousness Itself. You are the space in which it moves, the time in which it lasts, the love that gives it life. ~N

quiet, listen to the big bang.

tag, you're That

what is difference but consciousness itself?

and what difference is consciousness itself but no difference

oops i am again

the phantom of the phantasmagoria

when both the seer and seen are seen through, seeing!

enlightenment is as enlightenment isn't

being is just orgasm in slow motion

That's entertainment.

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  1. I was sitting at a table with some people who had just met that night and one was saying how "crazy, womderful, mad, incredible it would be to be awake to the supreme reality" and I looked him in the eye, knocked on the table and said "Look, this is incredible, it makes noise and I can't put my hand through it"

    He didn't seem t get me.

    Mind is matter is mind.