Friday, May 28, 2010

stay wet

stop the mind; i want to get off!

to be! there never was a not to be.

thoughts can be like whirlpools within the river of being: fight them and be them or just see them and be.

being is wet with the wonder of itself

stay wet today

in the middle of a vast expanse of bright green river grass, a great white heron forms a question mark, and without an answer, flies away.

the smell of the sea is in the air -- a steady breeze is surfing on this human wave

my gods and goddesses take the forms of wild animals and birds; peace! peace! peace! i am devoted to their presence.

even the droppings of a sea gull can be seen as a heavenly blessing!

and this birdfeeder is a shrine where sacrifice is offered to the gods and where they actually appear: o great goldfinch & most awesome oriole!

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