Saturday, May 15, 2010

what the bamboo isn't

when everything is seen to be phenomena occuring spontaneously without a thought,

there is no one driving down a back road by the river that is rising with the afternoon incoming tide;

there's only this now writing.

i've been waiting my entire life just to say this

upon planting this seed, just water with time and space

i am not the me i was when i started typing i am

i am [insert illusion]

if it's in my mind, i don't believe it

be lived and let live

everything i think, it isn't, including that thought

no thought, best thought

over one billion words served and still no truth with those fries

the bart simpson gita: i didn't do it

the homer simpson gita: duh!

the bhagavad gita: you are krishna, that's all.

the bamboo grows in my mind, but what the bamboo isn't, i am

ah grasshopper, what does the grasshopper hop when there is no grass?

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