Thursday, May 6, 2010

you're me baby

consciousness is more wonderful than you can think

on my left hand stands shiva flanked by eagle and coyote

on my right hand stands buddha flanked by buffalo and bear

in the center stands inukshuk dreaming sandstone turtle islands

above, the christ of red hawk flies within the space of a turquoise necklace

yi yi shanti aum amen

in the south arises innocence, the rainbow seed, a paradise without a paradox, apollo love child, wild!

in the west sits introspection, blue guitar and canyon lady, star of hope, oh yes! the future perfect!

in the north stands wisdom, plenitude in snowbound nothing, emptiness aurora, love, and graceful borealis

in the east, awareness, vision of itself, the mirror of the myriad relections of the sun, the one, the one

be bop a lula you're me baby

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