Thursday, June 3, 2010

the anti-story

smile Be Smile BE SMILE BE SMILE be

the big bang begins within the body; feel the universe within in being

the entire outer universe is but the big bang within the body reflected through the senses; thus consciousness creates its wonder-world

it's all a speck of cosmic dust within the eye

as bhagwan spock says: be now and prosper

within the universal space of being floats the phantom planet of imagination beneath an unimaginable black sky

don't look within; feel within

the world is just one giant tragicomic misdirection. stop; now you're there.

be the anti-story!

but the mind is fearful. it knows something is there. some ghost, some spirit, some deep vast emptiness. it can almost feel its *presence*.

and so the story begins like all good ghost stories, told to keep the *presence* lurking out there out of mind and forever away. although...

the *presence* is within, is what the storyteller really is, is what the smoke that rises from the fire toward the full moon points to...

and the mind howls at the moon, misunderstanding metaphor for something metaphysical, while the *presence* of the universe shines within.

do not ask for whom the wolf howls; it howls for thee

basically rest in being and being will do the rest

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