Thursday, June 3, 2010

such fun

fear is the big kahuna of thought

it's not that there's nothing to fear but fear itself; there's not even that: there's literally nothing there; it's purely imaginary

who needs/wants security? who fears? it's the last frontier. the final border check. and it's not a porous border. no one gets out alive.

embrace the unknown. ~Osho

there's no walk the talk; just be the see

there's no right or wrong; there's only real or false

you can never learn the real; you could never be the false

unlearn the false; be the real

the mind is the ultimate fun house

it's only an illusion if you believe it

all words are just more ways of the labyrinth, although there are a few naturally leading out: 'who am i?' and 'i am' for example.

outside the fun house, there never was a fun house. such fun!

there's no way to think yourself out of a box that's made from thought

charades! sounds like (silence)

be an ing now!

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