Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Finger Pointing Towards the Future

The following is a re-arranged version of the notes I took and blogged previously from Adyashanti's radio program of 01Jul09. For me, they represent brilliant pointers for this phase of my life. Accordingly, I've attempted to give them a somewhat chronological feel.

You can unplug from an old belief system (spontaneously), but doesn’t necessarily mean you will plug into the One, what is relevant to Spirit.

No Motivation
Egoic structure begins to lose itself. Motivation disappears. Plateau phase. No new motivation at this point. (Be a wise steward of your life at this phase.)

Not Knowing
Not knowing is not a final thing. Not knowing becomes the ground from which you move. Don’t get attached to it though. (From silence comes a flow, an action.)

The only way is to be more aware. Not for me (ego) to try to be more aware. But to be your true self, awareness itself. Don’t turn it into the future. Come into the true and right perspective of things.

There is always a current of peace running through all conflict, and that is Conscious Spirit.

Experience the state of Being while in the situation you’re in, even though your mind wants something else. Stop and feel it. Really feel it. Fifteen minutes. Longer. Go nuts and feel it all along. Rich experience of Being.

Life’s inherent tendency is to express itself. Life is for the living of it. What is it life wants to do? Don’t answer the question. Live with the question. Really listen. Invite life to show it to you. Be patient. It will show you on its own time frame. Don’t think about it. But how does life want you to engage. It could be anything. As simple or as big as it wants to be. (But already, life is expressing itself through you.)

Often comes not from the inside (sometimes it does), but from the outside, a call. Paying attention to how life is calling you all the time. From the outside. Pay attention to how life is inviting you.

Then what comes is an energy that begins to arise out of existence, life, the One. An impersonal energy moves through you. Connected with the totality of life, and not connected to the individual.

Action not towards abundance, but action coming out of inner abundance! That inner state of well-being.

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