Tuesday, August 25, 2009

on the duality of nonduality

In whatever name and form the nameless and formless is worshipped, therein lies the path of its realization. Realizing one’s truth as the truth of that reality, and merging into it, is true realization. ~Ramana Maharshi’s 8th verse on reality (trans. S.S. Cohen)

This verse on reality brings some insight into the variance between some contemporary practices of nonduality. All, for the most part, follow the understanding in the first sentence: the nameless and formless are understood in the form and name of the formless and nameless. For some, that fundamentalism is enough.

But it’s actually just another dualistic version of worshipping a god, albeit a nameless and formless one. In essence, it’s just another belief, and it’s often stated with the vengeance of any fundamental religious true believer.

But Ramana states that true realization happens with the actual merging into that self–realized reality, where no belief can exist, no trinity of seeing exists but only the seeing itself.


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