Monday, August 24, 2009

Introducing the Dream-state Coach

This was the first post from my new specialty blog; Dream-state Coach

A few tweets were responsible for this specialty blog. I have united them here (some can be seen in their original state on my blog, Awakurious, and of course all somewhere in the archives of Twitter), freeing them from their 140 character existence.

Least important but most crucial to this blog being initiated:
I really detest the terminology, "life coach." "Life coach" is just some silliness drawn from the sports-crazed world, just advertising a lack of understanding in one who calls one such. Maybe I'd consider someone billing themselves a "dream-state adviser" or better yet, "dream-state dream-character-adviser." I have just registered in the Dream-state Registry of Occupational Hazards as a Dream Coach. I want you to run a pattern and then go long!

This series of tweets was written in the person of Spirit-Being-Self:
When the body-mind pattern is aware of its existence within Me, its once self-reflected reality becomes like a dream to itself. It’s now aware that only I am real. It has never existed other than as a pattern within Me. Its self-reflected reality never was. Only I am. It’s funny. The dream still dreams but now it knows its a dream. Its being is non-being. Its action is non-action. Its essence is Me—Spirit.

Many people talk about dreaming and awakening. Many, many discuss so-called manifestation. But few talk much about manifestation in awakening while dreaming (the ‘in the world but not of the world’). I will be posting some previous posts (which are mostly edits of things I have read) from my other blogs that refer to this subject. And most likely adding some new ones as well. For I am not the coach this blog title refers to, but the sat-coach within us all.


The specialty blog: Dream-state Coach.

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