Friday, August 21, 2009

Who Am I in Twittergraphs

Before I can answer any question or undertake any project, first I need to really know “who am I?”

Never mind my purpose, my meaning, my needs, my wants. Who is the I of this my?

I do exist. But I’m not this body-mind. The body-mind exists. But it’s experienced in a relative way, in relation to its senses & thoughts.

I am not these senses and thoughts. I cannot be sensed or thought. I am beyond all words. I am nameless. But call me Spirit—Being—Self.

All meaning and purpose and wants and needs are questions concerning the body-mind. They are not of any concern to me, Spirit—Being—Self.

Stop. Don’t mistake the reality of the body. It exists. Its sensations are real. Pain is no dream. But I’m not in the body; it’s in Me.

I witness the body-mind. Its senses and thoughts are patterns within Me. Their self-reflected reality is only real to them. I witness it.

When the body-mind pattern is aware of its existence within Me, its once self-reflected reality becomes like a dream to itself.

It’s now aware that only I am real. It has never existed other than as a pattern within Me. Its self-reflected reality never was. Only I am.

It’s funny. The dream still dreams but now it knows its a dream. Its being is non-being. Its action is non-action. Its essence is Me—Spirit.

That essence has been called since earliest times Satcitananda: Existence—Consciousness—Bliss. This dream is That.

Before, this Dream thought it was real and therefore, something else. And so, not knowing its essence, it was fear and loathing: Suffering.

Now this dream knows it is That and has always been That and can be nothing but That. All there is is That: Satcitananda. Namaste.

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