Saturday, September 19, 2009

TGToSR: Deconstructing

The mind loves to differentiate even when it tries to unify.

The mind loves to construct even when it’s busy deconstructing.

So let mind be mind. And let Reagan be Reagan.

I am neither. I am.

There’s only one thing I cannot deny: my existence. Everything beyond that is just my fabrication. In my mind.

Let mind be mind. Let civilization be civilization.

I am neither. I am nothing that I think I am. Even ‘I am’ only points to what I really am.

To my mind, I am beyond description. To my mind, I am emptiness, the void, nothing. To my mind, be afraid, be very afraid.

So, from my mind, create another story. Fill the emptiness with story. Avoid the void with story. Make the nothing something with story.

But let the story be story. I am not the story. I am not this character. Even this setting is not the setting. Yes, I am the pointer 'I am.'

No! Stand back! Beware! I am not a pointer! Dogma me no dogma! Exclamation me this exclamation point!

I am.

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