Saturday, September 12, 2009

TGToSR: Real and Unreal

Just talking about it misplaces it in the space we thus create, forgets it in the time we start to make.
Ego is both the prison and the prisoner in the Story of Liberation.

The real God of most religions is Ego.

Knowledge of Awareness is still Ignorance.

I have met the enemy and he is no one.

It is Emptiness only to the inquiring mind.

Unknown, it is Satchitananda, Being-Consciousness-Bliss, the Luminous Light.

Seeing, the Seer never Sees, for there is nothing separate for the Seer to See.

The mind can never know the Truth, for if it were to know the Truth, it would cease to exist.

The movie is over when the projector itself returns to the screen.

The reality we think we see is not the reality that is.

The reality you think you are is not the reality that's you.

So the reality you think exists does not. The reality that does exist does.
Death and the resultant doubt of the body-mind's existence is the contingency on which the ego is organizationally designed to refute.

The more variable the environment and technology around it becomes, the more flexible the ego needs to be in its organization.

The more flexible the ego becomes in its organization, the more likely it becomes that it will see through itself.

The product the ego markets is itself.

But there is no product. There is no market. There is no organization called the ego.

It is called Reality [sat], to dispel the notion that It is non-existence. ~WHO

It is called Consciousness [chit], to show that It is neither insentient like inert objects, nor fitfully conscious like the mind. ~WHO

It is called Happiness [ananda] to show that in It we transcend this relativity which is essentially unhappy. ~WHO

These descriptions are positive only in form; they are negative in meaning, being intended only to dispel misconceptions. ~WHO

“Silence is the language of the Self, and it is the most perfect teaching. (...)

(...) Language is like the glow of the filament in the electric lamp; but Silence is like the current in the wire.” ~Ramana Maharshi

Things limited by time or space are not Real, since time and space are constructs of the mind, and therefore themselves are not Real.

Just because the screen is always there doesn’t mean you’re not lost in the movie.

Believing yourself (ego) to be real, you can never know the Real.

Knowing the Real; that is all.

~Son Rivers 2009

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