Friday, September 11, 2009

TGToSR: Zen It Good!

I know I know nothing.

I think it all begins in the mind.

I am. Am I?

Everything I am is only what I think I am except the actuality I am.

Follow the actuality.

Zen it good!

Me so zenny!

Zen Fiction: I meditated for two hours and then I killed him.

Zen Dogs: I made him meditate for two hours and then I killed him.

Zen Basterds: I haven’t seen the movie so I couldn’t kill him.

It’s really very simple. There is no meaning. Stop looking for it. All there is is is.

All the spiritual meditative stories you’ve created to give your life some meaning doesn’t.

Meaning is our greatest fiction.

Mind is a meaning machine. There are ten-thousand permutations. But being is being.

Ultimately, you’re sad.

Until you see there’s really not a you.

But this dream is probably too seductive. So keep on thinking you’re the emperor of the universe. I dare you. Double-dare you!

Triple-dare you!

The mind keeps minding.

Your little Buddhist world is just a little fiction. Kill it!

Your small agnostic world is just pure laziness. Put up or shut up!

Your atheistic world is just the mirror image of the scientific. Prove it!

Your Christian world has not a thing to do with the loving prophet Jesus. Love it!


Look! You’re smart enough, etc. But you’re a conditioned response. Everything you think or say is borrowed or enforced. So stop.

This is where it’s at: you’ve been brainwashed. I’m sorry. You think you’re something special. You’re not. Who are you? I am.

Zen Masters would slap. Consider this a slap!

~Son Rivers 2009

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