Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Silence Redux (a retweet poem)

Honk if you love Silence.

Breathe in the awesome empty silence
as if it were love itself
because it is.

Drown in the sea of silence
and live in the depths of your Self.

Drink the root beer of silence
and feel the fizzle of extraordinary bliss
blow up your brain.

Silence is a palpable structure
built upon the three dimensions of reality:
consciousness, being, bliss.

Shape the clay of silence
with the fingers of your love
creating little statuettes of emptiness
that shape your rocky thoughts away.

Thinking I was the noise,
I did not know
I had always been the silence.

Silence isn't something precious in the world;
the world is something precious in the Silence.

In silence comes the simple realization that
there is nothing to do to be silent.

In silence you are what you always were.

Not listening is not
the way into silence.
Just as not loving is not
the way into liberation.

When you listen to silence
your ears disappear.

~Son Rivers 2009
composed from previous stand-alone tweets

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