Friday, October 23, 2009

The Surrender at the Great Marsh

I left the house but knew not why,
and drove along the river towards the sea.
Something other than my will was driving me.

Across the bridge, I saw that amplitude of marsh
between Plum Island and the mainland;
like a migratory bird, I followed.

By the pool of water called the Salt Pans,
I saw eleven swans, all curving fine
extended necks into their elegant reflections.

Further on, surrendering the car within
the lot at Hellcat Swamp, I filed along
the boardwalk to the middle of the marsh.

Surrounded by a sea of reeds,
I contemplated as the carefully constructed path,
its substance, angles, course, and lines,

just disappeared beneath the open sky.
There's thought no more and knowing why.

~SonRivers 2009

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