Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The New and Improved Nameless!

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It is the most basic thing, but it can never be explained. It is formless and nameless. Yet, we must point at it using some name as the pointer, always remembering that it is not actually That.

We can call it Emptiness to point to the quality that it’s not a form. We can call it Nameless to point to the quality that it cannot be named. There are many names that are used in such a way.

I find the following useful, simply because they are not singular, and therefore can never be monomaniacal in their use, and also because they approach an essential quality by negating a nihilistic one.

First we know that we are. We exist. Call this state of existence, Being, pointing only to the quality that it’s not non-existent.

Second we are conscious of an awareness beyond our thoughts. Call this Consciousness, pointing only to the quality that it’s not unaware.

Third, when our thoughts are not believed, when our feeling is not colored by thought-driven emotion, we find ourselves in peace. Call this Bliss, pointing only to the quality that it’s not a state of suffering.

This is the Sat-Chit-Ananda of which Vedanta speaks. It is purely a pointer, a way, which attempts to triangulate the position of the One Truth.

Still, it is not the way.

to be continued

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