Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Practicing Truth

So where is the one truth? Your conditioned self is not truth; your thoughts are not truth; even the world you sense is not truth.

Being is true. Consciousness is true. Bliss is true. You are that, and you are true.

In Being, you are presence. In Consciousness, you are intuition. In Bliss, you are feeling.

It is thought-belief that divides you from yourself, that creates the duality of you and the other. There is no other but in thought.

Thus there are aids, practices, to help make the reconnection, after you have disconnected from thought-belief through the initial practice of right knowledge.

The koan of self-inquiry (who am I) will reconnect you to presence. Meditation will reconnect you to intuition. A clear heart, unburdened of belief-generated emotion will reconnect you to feeling.

Actually all will reconnect you to all. In essence, they reconnect you to you, and in so doing, you disappear, leaving only One Truth.

to be continued?

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