Thursday, November 12, 2009

Two Goes Into One

This process of awakening to the one truth can be divided in two. There’s the disconnect from the untruth and the reconnect to the truth, although one has never not been connected to the truth. It’s the classic example of a person looking for one’s eyeglasses while wearing them.

The disconnect is trickier than some would imagine though. After all, what else does one need to do than rest in awareness? But the falsehoods of belief run deep and sometimes are not completely eradicated, and often lay low, beneath the radar, ready to arrest at any moment. Sudden bouts of sadness, fear and anger will arise, sometimes in such a way as to be debilitating.

But there’s a practice that straddles both processes and can be utilized, in fact should be utilized (as much as anything can ever be a ‘should’), in all hours. Truth be told, it actually gives lie to the conceit that this is a two-step process.

Let’s call it resting in one’s feeling or knowing with one’s heart.

(to be continued)

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