Sunday, December 27, 2009

Devi's Mountain Call

Wherever has the most sublime and natural world that I once loved with all my being gone?

This beautiful and glittering world, this voluptuous lover of mine has disappeared into unknown.

I remember ripe green days of hiking in majestic mountains now no longer mountains; now they are only mountains.

I remember frolicing in ocean views with all my granite ridge line lovers. What cairns are they now sleeping with tonight?

God I miss your balsam perfume and your sun-drenched glacial markings with those secret summer birds that sing 'I love you' all day long.

God I miss the pebble in my hiking boot and all the silence you afforded me beneath the birch tree while I loved you on that April afternoon.

I know you're there somewhere but all this mind can know is your apparent disappearance.

Oh wonderful snow dancing in the heart of space, who are you now?

I know my mourning is for something that's undying and my mind is dying for the death of its own doubt.

Oh dissolve my mind the way this snow dissolves into itself!

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