Thursday, December 31, 2009

Some Final Words for 2009

I just have one word for you: stop thinking.

The mind is such a precious thing to waste on one's believing it.

What you are is everything but who you think you are.

Love is the bridge from the nowhere of the Mind to the now here of the Truth.

Ultimately, the mind must surrender; otherwise, better luck next time.

It's logical that the Truth is just a paradox to Mind.

There are many techniques to stop the mind; there's nothing you can or need do to realize the Truth.

As long as you insist on thinking your way to the Truth, the Truth will never be in your way.

Everything I say, I am saying to myself.

Everything is in my mind. But my mind knows nothing. Therefore, everything is nothing. Or so my mind thinks. But my mind knows nothing...

Nature is the best teacher. But remember, we are Nature.

The mind needs to be really sharp in order to kill itself. If not (and you are truly blessed if it's not), then love yourself to death!

Stop, smile, and be aware of being. That's all she wrote.


The mind is an endless maze. The only way out is to be amazed.

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