Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tricky Thoughts

The difference between desire and enjoyment is a razor-thin line

It's best not to straddle it.

Did you hear about the American in Nirvana who left in a huff because the service was just atrocious?

I look around me and wonder how much of this would I be willing to sacrifice?

The mind identifies with every object that it thinks it owns.

It’s easy to say I don’t exist as long my furniture does.

This, of course, is the real 'meaning' of the crucifixion of Christ: true sacrifice.

How far are 'you' really willing to let it go.

The mind is the ultimate trickster.

It's like a mother with a child at the ocean: ok, you've touched a wave. Now let's go home and have a nice supper. And dessert!

In other words, saying it and being it are two radically different things.

Actually the question is, how far am I really willing to let it go.

I need to clarify this for myself. Seeing the truth and living the truth are two different things.

The mind can see the truth. And there are moments when “I” know the truth. But being the truth is now something completely different.

It’s easy to live in relative luxury and experience moments of the truth. The mind (aka thoughts) will certainly allow that.

The socially-conditioned mind is like a good mother; it will let you play in the waves, and lead you to believe that it’s the ocean.

Never misunderestimate the mind!


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