Wednesday, February 10, 2010

consciousness matters

I'm only an illusion but I like it.

I think therefore I think.

I am codependent on my I.

I have come from nowhere; take me to your dreamers.

I came from a distant galaxy a long long time ago right here and now.

Matter is consciousness. Consciousness is matter.

Consciousness appears to be a tree within these thoughts in which consciousness appears to be me.

God is another name for Consciousness is another name for Being is another name for Emptiness is another name for Nameless is another name.

Matter does not exist in the way that 'science' thinks it does: precursor to consciousness. Matter *is* consciousness and vice versa.

The body-mind is a pattern of Consciousness that thinks... it is a body-mind.

all 'you' can do is *try* to understand until understanding removes the 'you'