Thursday, February 11, 2010

That is all

that's a thought; That's not

begin at being

when the mind can't think something through to a logical conclusion, it calls that something a miracle

when the mind resides in thoughts of past or future, as it tends to, nothing appears to be a miracle

when the mind is confronted with the existential moment, all is a miracle. plus the body is enveloped in waves of bliss. awesome, dude.

that is the real ground zero, the true wonderland, the nothing but a cheshire cat smile, the beginning of beginning, the what of who i am

and when the waves of bliss settle into the sea of bliss, the miracle becomes an emptiness of being

any integrated action in this world of suchness begins right here and now; otherwise it's just more non-miraculous movement in the past

he not busy being born is busy dying ~Bob Dylan

or less poetically, s/he not living in the present is acting in the past

Use the mind to help the body act from the heart's intuition of Being. That is all.

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