Tuesday, February 16, 2010

doing science

scientific nonduality isn't oxymoronic; it's just moronic

there is no logic to nondual truth; logic is just a control issue for the mind

science is good at what it does, but it doesn't do truth

if you want a hydrogen bomb and prepare for destruction of matter on earth, do science; if you want to destroy the mind, do nondual truth

if you want to fight death at all costs, do science; if you're at all drawn to the art of dying, do nondual truth

if you wish to organize nondual truth, look around at our organized religions; been there, done that

if you want to play at truth, do science or join an organized religion; maya loves the help

meanwhile, long live paradox; may it destroy itself soon


  1. The physicist got as far as to identify singularity.

    Haven't occurred to most of them that to know singularity, they need to stop thinking physics altogether, hahahahaha :D