Wednesday, February 17, 2010

talk and trash-talk

there comes a point when you realize that all worldly knowledge, information, and rumor is truly unbelievable

don't believe a word of it

it's never mind

even silence is too talkative

even nothing is something

even emptiness is too full

even that is not that

there is no answer; there's only the question that removes the questioner

if it's not coming from Self, all talk is trash-talk. in your faces suckahs!

eat this sutra eight-fold losers

up your void, no-mind

gita life!

hit the Way, jack

tears are flowers of the eyes ~Osho

so say it with the deepest feeling and make yourself cry

1 comment:

  1. Worldly knowledge is simply pointers, though.

    Even the word "silence" is not really "silence", since it still consists of characters, hehehehehe :D