Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Meditations in 3D

a snow shower is a wonderful meditation on space

really really look at the world in 3-D

the mind will tend to focus on a single object, thereby flattening perspective and separating one from the totality

but when looking at the world in 3-D, the mind starts to recognize the space instead

this is why a 3-D movie can be initially disconcerting. the trick of cinematography is forcing space onto the mind.

when looking at the world in 3-D, one will begin seeing that all is space--and that objects are patterns of space within that space...

...that one's self is a pattern of space within that space. and that space is consciousness. and I am That.

when really looking at the world in 3D, when actually meditating in this 3-D, you will literally feel yourself at 1st a wave within an ocean

go deeper and sea

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