Thursday, February 4, 2010

understanding understanding

awareness is understanding; not understanding is not awareness

there is nothing to do but understand, and in that understanding is awareness

the mind cannot understand. the mind can figure it out. but all figuring is in the mind. all such logic is a closed loop.

the mind will never figure out the paradox of being. understand?

understanding is a passage that begins in the mind, passes through the heart, and disappears into the emptiness of awareness

understanding is a lightning bolt that zaps the mind as awareness strikes awareness

standing beneath understanding is like standing beneath the open sky in a lightning storm

the only thing between the sky of awareness and the ground of awareness is the mind

as understanding strikes the mind, that sky and ground grow much less distant, until there is no mind and only awareness--as always is

this metaphor has been a production of understanding inc. and is copyrighted by the disappearing mind. all rights are reserved in awareness.

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