Wednesday, February 24, 2010

neither oranges nor apples

fight mass hypnosis; wear different-colored socks today!

irony lacks the steel to face our paradox

there's literally no time like the present

while I was sleeping the mind was spinning out its web

there's no need to get in a car to drive right here

it's all just a game that all sides are losing

nothing can be meaningless when there's no such thing as meaning

washing windows for thousands of years and then to see there never were any windows

a thought is just a thought to a thought

it's neither oranges nor apples

it took six days for us to make god and on the seventh we rested so he could make us

that thought could think it's not a thought is not unthinkable nor thoughtless but the highest thought

all is laughable

smile and the world smiles in you

it's a symphony with no strings attached

understand that matter is consciousness and consciousness is matter and that's understanding all

newton mistook consciousness for an apple and everyone took that bite

old paradigms fall hard

the mind is just an amplifier of consciousness cranked to eleven, creating this distortion called myself; turn it down and be


  1. "nothing can be meaningless when there's no such thing as meaning"


    I'll be sure to remember this line and throw it out when someone complained about something being meaningless :p

  2. I could make a month of posts from that one

  3. I'm glad you both enjoyed. And I wish to say I always enjoy your comments as well. Thanks.