Thursday, February 25, 2010

until not-doing is done

there is nothing but being and being being is all there is

the wave will think that it's an ocean until it knows it's not a wave

Without effort you will never reach it, with effort nobody has ever reached it. ~Osho

the mind is the last one to know but the first one to think it knows

the mind is such a tool but i love it anyways

you can't think the truth; you can only feel the truth

intuition is the root system reaching into the ground of truth

there's nothing wrong with feeling your Self

the central paradox rests in the central nervous system allowing Self to feel itself

be in the body but not of the body

knowing truth is one thing; embodying truth is everything

doing is not hard when listening to the mind; it's impossible

doing, to the mind, is called not-doing

nothing is gained until not-doing is done

1 comment:

  1. Darn! I thought I know the Truth, beyond blind belief, but it's just one thing :p nice, I especially love the statement "embodying truth is everything" :)